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SIDERNO MARINA AND THE CHURCH OF MARY. OF PORTOSALVO in pastoral Archpriests of Mons. Vincenzo Raschellà and Mons. Antonio Incognito

On October 8 1954, after a long illness, ceased to live Mons. Vincenzo Raschellà (born in the Caulonia 6 November 1876), dean for 34 years of Siderno Marina, author of interesting religious works, excellent preacher, Waiter secret of His Holiness. Mons. F. Corporal, the Diocese of Squillace, talking archpriest Raschellà, said that, "Provided intelligence uncommon, spirit of initiative and common sense, could face with courage and perseverance and overcoming obstacles and conflicts, forms sometimes lively, but always in the line of equilibrium composed and ladylike that made him appreciate and respect by all, also from any momentary opponents" (of: "The Queen of Portosalvo", September to October 1954). Transferred, in 1920, Siderno Marina from White, where he had been arch­priest, immediately showed to our country and his church a particular fondness. Then the design conceived to give Siderno, "Who loved to see more and more beautiful and more advanced", a new church that was worthy of the Town and its heavenly patroness. "Through ups and downs, through battles, contrasts, heroic efforts and anxieties restless ", Bishop. Raschellà could, with the generous cooperation of Citizenship, to create a work, the new Temple of Our Lady of Portosalvo: "Imperishable testimony of his passionate and tireless work", as well emphasized the Municipality of time in putting up a poster made on the occasion of the death of the beloved Pastor. Mons. By Joseph Small Mammola, illustrating the figure and the most important stages of the pastoral Mons. Raschellà, said, among other things, He left a "historical memories worthy of being included in the Sidernografìa": Marian Eucharistic Congress, the Pontifical Crowns­tion of the image of Mary. of Portosalvo (8 September 1923), the foundation of the bulletin "The Queen of Portosalvo " (1923), the celebrations for the centenary of the Parish, the consecration of the Church, avve­duced the 22 April 1953 by the Bishop Mons. Among Pacific M. Perantoni. Episodes of religious life that certainly aimed at a primary end : make the church of Mary. Portosalvo of a famous Marian shrine. Appointed archpriest of Santa Maria di Portosalvo, with the Bull of the pontifical 4 December 1954, the priest Antonio Incognito (18-2-1922 – Siderno -20-12-1987), already curate in the same parish since his ordination (8 July 1945), next to the "heavy pastoral work", took on the task of completing the Church "of those finishing touches and decorations necessary" so that it became truly the temple Mons. Raschellà so desired, "To greater glory of God and of His Holy Mother". Siderno all greeted with joy the appointment as dean of the Sac Siderno. Antonio Incognito, son of this generous and noble town, who had responded "to the divine call" with all the enthusiasm of his heart, love of Christ. Since the early years of his priestly office was able to fulfill with zeal and love to his pastoral duties, amid the many difficulties of various kinds and material and moral wounds that the war had also left in Siderno, and still had not fully healed. Mons. Antonio Incognito, who knew the needs of the people, needs that could lead to despair or hopeless or revolt more dangerous, was always close to his heart and with a commitment to minister to the people of Siderno, offering more than once as a partner in the relationship between paternal and authoritative political bodies that, Also in Siderno, sometimes slipped on the ground of the battle more heated. Wrote in 1955: "This people so agitated, this environment as discussed, this center has struggled so much need for life, space, working. Here is the problem of its movement. Who knows how to penetrate the soul of this people will find a fund exceptional goodness, a desire to pro­progress and development, an open mind to all problems. We say this above all partisanship and interests that may exist . . . There are several issues to address and resolve. The problem of the trade, della industry, work, housing, water, roads, school, Education, office, of religion. Are burning issues that are related to other. Recall, therefore, the attention of all: of insider-genesis and the national authorities, civil and religious. You need to create a moral force that seeks to unite sincerely all the best elements able to study with interest and love these problems, preparing projects and doing the necessary steps. He does not like those who get lost in Siderno personalities and escapes the ways and means of providing good. Therefore, we say to all. Authorities turn the living prayer to attend this town,coming to meet all its needs" (of: "The Queen of Portosalvo", January-February 1955). Like all priests who had succeeded in the government of the Parish­call and who had worked "with great zeal for the glory of God, the cult of the Virgin Mary and the good of souls ", Mons also. Incognito dedicated his life because of the faithful devotion to Our Lady was still alive. The numerous works that adorn the church indicate the great faith and generosity of the people sidernese has always contributed to a more" beautiful and inviting the sacred temple to pray to the Virgin Mary. They are works of the heart of the sons of the monumental altar Siderno, He balaustra (which now graces the Choir), the pulpit, the baptismal font, the two acquesantiere, the candlesticks of gilt bronze, the waterway, the bells, two gold crowns of Our Lady and the Child Jesus, the floor and many other things that are testimony to the faith and love of sidernesi, belong to any social background. With the help of the faithful Mons. Incognito completed the floor of the church, adorned her a platform of marble, of a stained glass window in memory of the Marian Year 1954, work made in Florence by master glassmaker Guido Polloni and inaugurated in 1957, during the festivities in honor of Our Lady of Portosalvo. In 1959, centenary year of the Parish, was erected a monument to the Queen of Portosalvo in the square where once stood the old temple. And also Mons. Incognito realized the system of illumination, restored the image of the Virgin, enlarged the former "Chapel of Victory", today "Chapel of Saints", enriching of a stained glass window, realized the altar of SS. Sacramento, provided the church benches, Confession­tional, vestments and how it was necessary for worship and the new liturgy. Teacher of Religion in various schools of the town, aware of the responsibilities that weigh on the mission of a priest, Mons. Incognito "often raised his voice and expressed his deep concern for the spiritual and religious life of the population of Siderno", whenever he saw that could be compromised moral and spiritual values ​​of the people. His name is particularly linked to the realization of the House canonical, work that kept him busy for fifteen years travel at the relevant offices and practices, between bitterness and hope. The 5 March 1978, the presence of civil and religious authorities, Mons. Fran­cesco Tortora, Bishop of the Diocese, blessed the first stone was walled and the following parchment: "As the Supreme Head of the Catholic world Pope Paul VI Mas­simo. Italian President Giovanni Leone. Today, 5 March of the year 1978, at 16.30, present the Regional Director Aw. Pasquale Barbaro, President of the Province of Reggio Calabria prof. Cosimo Iannopollo, the Mayor of the City prof. John Riccio, Arci­local priest Mons. Antonino Incognito, the city authorities and the people agreed, S.E. Mons. Francesco Tortora, Bishop of the Diocese Gerace-Locri blessed and laid the foundation stone for the construction of the rectory and Works of Pastoral Ministry of the Parish of S. Mary Portosalvo in Siderno Marina (R.C.) Auspices of the Queen of Portosalvo patroness of the city and the Patron Saints and San Francesco di Paola Sant'An­Tony di Padova. Thanks be to God, which is due all honor and glory ". Completed in just two years of work, the canons' house was inaugurated and blessed by S.It is. Bishop Mons. Francesco Tortora Saturday 11 October 1980, at 17.30, in the presence of Sen. Joseph Benjamin Fimognari, dell'On. Pasquale Barbaro, Prof.. Cosimo Iannopollo, That the President of the ceremony is commemorated by a plaque at the entrance of the Rectory which reads: "With zeal tenacia sacrifice Mons. Antonio Incognito wanted to give rise to this Rectory for pastoral activities and the revival of Christian life­in. Built in the XXV Anniversary of His investiture, I was blessed and inaugurated the 1 October 1980 by the Diocesan Bishop Prelate. Francesco Tor­tora. People cheering Clergy Authority. Thanks be to God and the Virgin of Portosalvo ". In 1977 Mons. Incognito founded the "Centro Studi Sidernesi", which was to include an Archival Library and a historical regional­and national level. To this end, picked with love and patience of job num­ous documents, that his successors will have to take care of and to enrich or­nore Siderno and its history. He reached around the world to Sidernesi the voice of the Bulletin "The Queen of Portosalvo "; was several times in Toronto, in the community of sidernesi, to celebrate with them the feast of Our Lady of Portosalvo. It was during one of these trips that he developed the idea for the bronze door, famous work by sculptor Joseph Correale. The evil that had assailed him some years ago did not give him time to make this happen in bronze. The day of his funeral the door lying on the ground waiting to be placed in its place. The words of the Bishop have touched the hearts of those present at the sad ceremony, (……). All eyes were wet with tears sincere. To succeed in the heavy task of leading the parish was called, first as a parish administrator (31-12-1987) then as dean (15-9-1988), Don Rocco Musolino (p. John OFM Cap), investigation procedures­transferred from the parish of S. Maria Arch, that is setting a pastoral project whose fruits are harvested already giorno.Provincia day of Reggio Calabria, the Mayor of Siderno prof. Joseph Romeo, numerous civil and religious authorities.

Memory of the consecration of the Church 22-aprlile-1953, celebrated by Bishop. Perantoni. The priest leads the procession in which sacred relics are to be sealed in the main altar.

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