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The erection of the confraternity was announced by Bishop Francis Xavier Mangéruva in the report adlimina 8 February 1882: Pro alio [laicorum sodalitio] erecting a nomination S.M. Except Portu, A careful examination of the statute accuratumque two cathedral canons, iuxta Clementis XIII decreed, I committed. . .
The likely status of which is signaled in the report there is an undated copy of the bishops archive. It had been drawn up “in accordance with R.D. of 1816 still in force” and for its approval, there were difficulties, so much so that you could only get the 20 June 1901. That statute was not yet final, there being another, revised by the assembly of the brethren 24 May 1904 and bearing the “vidimus” of the Bishop 19 November of the same 1904.
The life of fraternity was not quiet. Insurgents contrasts with the arch-priest Ferrari, the 2 March 1911, at the request of “moderator”, architect Bruno Romeo, Delrio the bishop granted the right to contract out the fellowship in the church-cabin donated by S. Padre Pio X and erected beside the Institute of the Sisters Immaculatine. Difficulties increased during the Great War, to the remoteness of many brothers. Within a few years were accumulated debts totaling Lit 1.600, and also had to create misunderstandings with the sisters, which claimed the church for their unique.
Providential, but not decisive, contributions were bestowed by the Pope (The. 1.000) and Bishop (The. 2.000), so that the assembly of the 21 October 1917 (a previous ad, the 14 the same month, had intervened only ten brothers and the session was declared deserted), it was proposed to return to the church of Portosalvo; Sisters Immacolatine would have the full availability of the church-cabin and furnishings purchased by the brotherhood (harmonium, chairs, pulpit, confessional, bells, . ..), but you should have to bear the debt of 1.600 read. No way did nothing. New problems rose due to the fire on the night of 18 April 1922 completely destroyed the church-cabin. The brotherhood took on a temporary church (a new cabin or a room of luck?), but he found himself stripped of everything and “poor”.

The 19 January 1924, the Board of Directors (Mr. Joseph Caridi was prior) decided to renew the S. See, the request to have the new vestments, to replace those lost in the fire, and to make an appeal to the Government for the reconstruction of the masonry of the church. Among these vicissitudes must be also entered the archpriest Raschellà attempt to re-establish the hierarchical relationship with the association and bring its statute to the new requirements. It’ what we read in the following instance, sent to the Bishop G.B. Butt in 1926: and Mons. G. Chiappe Baptist Bishop of Gerace.

Dal fin 20 June 1901 was canonically established the Confraternity in this Parish Church venerated under the title of Patron and Owner of Mary Parish. of Portosalvo. This Brotherhood, started under good auspices and true to the statutes approved by the Ordinary Diocesan, Dusse pro-, for several years, abundant fruits of spiritual. Except, for human circumstances, and for having taken almost emancipate the association by watchful, continuous and paternal direction or immediate government Archpriest carrying it in a small oratory own (cabin in the church donated by S.P. Pius X in the earthquake of 1908), the fervor primiero you went up to look almost fading off. Meanwhile, the approaching date of 1 quarter-century of the foundation, data, that for a favorable coincidence, has indeed closely related to the year of the S. Jubilee, whereas: in the conduct of parish life Confraternities and Pious associations of the laity have placed considerable, because they can be of benefit to the parish to obtain better living union of the small portion of the flock of the Lord. Considering that one of the reasons for thinning and inaction of the Brotherhood was the stiffness of the Statute, does not meet the needs of its members best; weighted the right of the brothers and sisters living that, for various lustres, han punctually paid their contributions and their offerings; also meditated peacefully on duty that the Code E. the canon 711 P. II makes each set in their own parish priest of the SS. Sacramento and Christian Doctrine.

In the name of several ascribed between brothers and sisters question:
– The power to amend the Constitution in order to make it more responsive to the actual needs of the Association.
– That within the ancient Confraternity of Mary. of Portosalvo 33 Brothers and 33 Sisters, always the older, are intended to form the new Church of the Holy. Sacramento, in order to promote more and more towards the cult SS. Eucharist.
Sure of grace, kneels to kiss the S. Ring imploring the pastoral blessing for himself and Filiani. Siderno Marina, Day of Purification 1926. subject Archpriest Raschella’
From the answers given 15 February 1930 the circular S.C. Council of 10 June 1929 seems to infer that nothing that has been obtained by the archpriest asked. At that date was prior Gaetano De Lorenzo; were 30 brothers and 40 Sisters; the brotherhood was planning the construction of a chapel at the cemetery. As for the church, I was unable to use the sisters, which they were renovating the; with the same is feared, but, a dispute over ownership of the land on which stood the sacred building. After this document, there has been no news; rather, in a list drawn up by the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria 27 December 1939, our brotherhood is not among those surveyed, sign that was now extinct.


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The dress of the members consisted of (art. 107 Statute): a) white linen shirts with hood; b) blue silk girdle day; and) mozzetta blue silk with buttons and red nocchi; d) bandoandiera band of red silk with the effigy of the patron saint. The dignitaries wore a silver medallion with the effigy of the patron saint, advisers a medal with the same characteristics, the mae-ters of the ceremonies “paci”; the prior carrying the stick Priory. The signs were: a) Cross; b) the banner of blue silk; and) the Banner of blue silk (black velvet for the accompaniments funeral) with the effigy of the patron saint.

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The church-cabin was given the title of ” Church of the Congregation of Portosalvo dedicated to the Holy Virgin. Carmel”.

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of 10-6-1929.


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