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Natale 2018  Natale 2018


Today the Gospel reveals to us how the coming of the Messiah and the mystery of the redemption it contains have come about.
The person of Mary, his faith, his "yes", her motherhood, they are the ways chosen by God to visit his people and bring salvation to all men. The center of the evangelical event of this day is developing, therefore, around Mary: she is the deepest and most radical way of Advent. The reason for visiting his cousin Elizabeth is understood in the angel's message (Lk 1,36). She quickly heads for the village in Judea, because the grace received from his cousin Elizabeth, who will become a mother, fills her with joy. His greeting has a wonderful effect on Elizabeth and the baby. Both are impregnated with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth feels the child leap inside her, as David did long ago before the Ark of the Covenant, during his trip to Jerusalem (2Sam 6,1-11). Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant, before which the child expresses his joy. From the child the action of the Spirit is also transmitted to Elizabeth, which leads her to recognize the Mother of her Lord. Under the inspiration of the Spirit, knows the mystery of the angel's message to his cousin Mary, and recognizes her as "happy" by reason of the faith with which she received him. Elizabeth's testimony is the oldest testimony of the early Church's veneration for the Mother of the Savior.


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St. Francis of Assisi pastor and martyr