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SUNDAY OF ADVENT (YEAR C) With. Liturgical: Viola

Commentary on the Sunday Gospel 28 November 2021

Luke's Gospel is addressed to the Christians of his time but also to those of all times, who have to live by faith in the Lord in the midst of the world. They are words of comfort and hope, in the face of tribulation and sorrows of life.
The same events that confuse men will be for Christians a sign that the hour of salvation is approaching. Behind all the vicissitudes, however painful they may be, they will discover the Lord who announces his coming, his redemption, and the beginning of a new era.
The coming of the Lord is not considered to be a close thing in time. Christians must think that the story lasts a long time, until the final creation of the Kingdom of God. It is therefore necessary that they have an attitude patient in adversity, and persevering in the path that leads them to full life.
Così, the gospel warns against the danger of relaxation in everyday life. We must remain vigilant, in prayer, and ask for strength, because all my toil ground blunt hearts, It distracts the mind and prevents them living, without fear or surprise, the joyful expectation of the Lord's mercy and new life.


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St. Francis of Assisi pastor and martyr